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Media Release by Project Rozana – 14 July 2022

Australian NGO, Project Rozana has launched a pilot project in the West Bank to provide much needed health services to over 145,000 women who currently have limited access to health care.

Project Rozana’s Women4Women initiative partners with the largest hospital in Israel, Sheba Medical Centre – ranked as one of the 10 best hospitals in the world – to train local Palestinian health workers and provide ongoing diagnostic and service support.

The project will operate in Area C, which constitutes over 60% of the West Bank and is home to 3.3 million Palestinians. The World Health Organization and other regional healthcare stakeholders have identified 145,000 women and children from rural communities in the area as at risk due to limited or no access to primary healthcare. Inadequate infrastructure, transportation complexities, and financial and cultural barriers create obstacles to accessible healthcare and the pandemic has amplified these by forcing a scaling-down of services by major providers.

Gender inequality in Palestinian society is also a driving factor in the chronic poverty, food insecurity, and poor health women face.

A wholistic team including nurses, a midwife, physiotherapist, psychologist, nutritionist, pediatrician and dentist will provide services to address women’s physical, mental and social wellbeing.  Virtual clinics will provide services to women in the target communities of Khursa, Um Al-Kheir and Deir al-Asal al-Fuqua, screening for health issues and referring for medical treatment if necessary.

A remote obstetrics/gynaecology unit in the rural Hebron area will be fully operated by Palestinian healthcare teams. The goal is to provide women with the care they need wherever they are located.  Telehealth services will help to bridge political and cultural gaps and female health workers will help to mitigate cultural concerns about male doctors treating women.

The program launch coincides with President Biden’s visit to the region and his announcement of USA$100m in aid to Palestinian hospitals in East Jerusalem.

“President Biden’s support for Palestinian healthcare endorses our belief in the power of health as a pathway to peace building,” says Project Rozana chair, Ron Finkel AM.  “Investing in Palestinian civil society and infrastructure helps to build capacity and resilience. In particular, this program will assist Palestinians to provide healthcare in remote communities that are currently vastly underserviced.”

“Our goal is to provide Palestinian women with the medical care they need, wherever they are located and to bridge geographic, political and cultural gaps in a shared vision of optimal health outcomes.”

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Happening now in Palestine and Israel. A glimmer of hope that originated in Australia.

Media Release by Project Rozana – 18 May 2021


Project Rozana believes that the one thing that binds all people as a single humanity is the love of our children.

Through our ground-breaking Wheels of Hope, Project Rozana (founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2013) has transported more than 50,000 seriously sick Palestinian children from the West Bank and Gaza to hospitals in Israel for treatment.

What makes us different is that for eight years, we have tended to very ill children and facilitated free medical assistance with the full permission, support and knowledge of the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority. We are trusted by both sides as neutral amidst a quagmire of confusion and suspicion.

Our volunteer drivers, drawn from all sides of the borders and checkpoints that divide Israel and Palestine, and are united in a belief that compassion is blind to ethnicity or religion. They unite in a desire to assist children and their families. Project Rozana supplies a way of facilitating a medically based peace initiative that has been recognized as innovative and effective.

Project Rozana’s Wheels of Hope works because it is simple and doesn’t take sides. We operate on a ‘shoe string’ budget. Our staff are diverse, drawn from every nationality, race and faith, but are singular in their determination to do good. And we have proved our methodology works.

We have the support of the WHO, the Government of Australia, the European Union, and many foreign governments and NGOs because we have distilled our ethos into a focal point of empathy, practicality and compassion. Our medical staff and advisors are respected professionals from Australia and around the globe, and they also proffer mentoring and training to other medicos on the ground in what is tragically, again, a conflict zone.

To enable our work to continue, to help us pick up the pieces and restore broken children and families after this recent conflagration we need your help.

Please consider Project Rozana and our Wheels of Hope when next you see the heart-wrenching and distressing media images and grapple with how you can help in practical ways to stop this cycle of destruction.

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Thank you.

Jacqueline Pascarl, Board Director, Project Rozana Australia.

International Aid Worker and Recipient of Australia’s Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal, is available for interviews.

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(Ms Pascarl has been in constant contact with Project Rozana staff on the frontlines in Israel and Palestine who have shared their experiences with her in the hope Australia will listen.)

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