The Advanced Trauma Life Support Training Program is to improve the management of acute trauma cases.

December 2021. The first program for 20 Palestinian and Israeli physicians took place at Wolfson Medical Center, in conjunction with the medical training unit of the Israel Defense Forces. Watch the video below.

Five more courses are in the pipeline for this year.

Emergency room physicians and trauma surgeons are responsible for rapidly diagnosing, treating, and providing lifesaving care for their patients. What is unique to trauma surgery is that it is not only technology that makes a difference to the patient’s outcome and survival.

It is the ‘trauma system’ itself…

  • Organization.
  • Team-work.
  • Consistent training.

Improving care for trauma patients across the political boundaries, will benefit both populations. And provide a platform for cooperation now and into the future.

The Advanced Trauma Life Support course is an internationally recognized training

This course has been adopted by over 80 countries around the world including Israel, but not the Palestinian Authority. It provides an essential foundation for trauma care. Not only is it proven to increase survival of trauma victims, but it is also a required medical qualification for most international fellowship or residency programs and jobs.

Through the inspiring support of Rotary Clubs in USA, Canada, Australia and Israel, the Project Rozana ATLS training program ‘Operating Together’ is for physicians from the West Bank and Israel.


  • Optimise trauma care for Israeli and Palestinian patients.
  • Strengthen access to care for neglected populations.
  • Form bridges of communication and cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian colleagues.
  • Create a regional network of more than 100 trauma specialists ‘Operating Together’ in the region.


The Project Rozana program will provide an official ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support) course for Palestinian and Israeli physicians.


A platform establishing professional and personal relationships between Israeli and Palestinian doctors undertaking the course, as well as improve trauma care in the Palestinian Territories.



  • Adam Goldstein, Director of Trauma Surgery, Wolfson Medical Center, Holon. Center is pictured below.
  • Tamer Abu Jreis, Resident in the Anesthesiology Department, Hadassah Medical Center.
  • Ilan Mitchnik, ATLS Coordinator, Israel Defense Forces.


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